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5 Things We Learned About Content from Pitch Perfect

The singing sensation that hit the big screen (twice) is more than just Friday night entertainment. We get that some of you secretly DVR the acapella dream when your spouse isn't looking. BUT did you realize that there's more to Fat Amy and the ladies of the stage than a great mashup? When you read, write, and strategize as much content as we do, the little entertainment nuggets like Pitch Perfect turn into something much more.


Bet you didn't think you could learn about great content marketing from a movie about acapella! Because we love content (and we do love it after years of writing it), we have 5 things you can learn about content from Pitch Perfect. Warning: this content is full of spoilers.


1. Distractions aren't permanent.

Fat Amy taught us that less is more. Too much sizzle can ruin a great performance from sheer overstimulation. The same can be said about your content. Maybe something you tried (podcasts, ebook, cheeky blogs) didn't work the way you planned. Maybe you are taking over from another marketer's strategy and find so many bells and whistles that authenticity is in camouflage. Whatever the case may be, you are never too far down to press the reset button. (We'll talk about that reset later).


2. It takes a team.

At the big finale performance, the Bellas surprise everyone with the ultimate team-building performance. Make sure to pay attention to this part (if you ask, your husband will rewind the DVR so you can watch it again). When the entire stage was filled with acapella alumnae, the crowd goes wild and the purpose is clear: the strongest position you have is part of a team. What we learned is that every great workplace (or stage) is better with a team. While you may think this whole content marketing team is possible to start solo, you can't achieve success without a support system behind you.


3. Listen everywhere.

Good ideas can come from the most inexperienced members of your team. Much like we saw with Becca and Emily in the mashup, old school and new school can bring strong ideas to the table. If you're not sourcing every single avenue for great ideas, you're missing out on a tremendous opportunity for growth. Involve your customers, your partners, and your customer service teams in the new strategy for your content marketing. 


4. Don't get comfortable.

Never stop innovating. The Bella's were stagnant in their victory laps around the world. But, you can only stay on top if you're still competing at your best. While we don't encourage endless distractions (see tip #1), we DO encourage constant vigilance. The best way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things is to start learning. Content marketing changes often. Every day there is something new to consume. So whether it's industry blogs, influencer podcasts, or the newest CMI book, keep watching how the industry is thinking about content innovation and find out how it fits with your sound (which we will talk about later).


5. Find your "sound."  

When all of the distractions and disruptions turn your strategy into chaos, go back to the basics. This action is your reset button. Some companies call it the "tilt", but whatever you call it, your business needs to find the "why" and work from there. Content marketing gurus say that the best story you can tell is your real story. Find your story and build the strategy around it. 


When you finish watching the movie for a 5th (or 500th) time, find out how we changed our strategy.

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