Content with Intent

What is content with intent?


The world of content marketing is filling up with more terminology and “best practice” tips from educational outlets around the space. One buzzing phrase circling today is “content with intent.” 


At Omnistream, we tell our customers that you can’t just write content to flood your content channels. Every post–from blog to video to social media–must carry some significance to it. Your readers, customers, members, and general curious parties should find your content is a utility. What do we mean by that? Write something people want to read!


Utility Content: Content that provides a benefit to the lives of a reader. 


We talk about this theme in the article, “No More Content Selfies”, where companies have inundated readers and customers with shameless self-promoting content. While PR is a vital component of every company, your daily content delivery should be primarily (read: only) focused on what you can do for your customers. How can you check to see if your content falls into the “content with intent” category? Simple. Answer the questions below:


  1. Does this post give a reader information they did not have before coming to my page/site/channel?
  2. Does this post solve a problem that my reader may have in their life without directly promoting my product/service?
  3. Would a reader send this post to a friend to benefit his/her life as well?


If you answered “yes” to every question for each article, you would be on your way to creating content with intent; or “utility content” as we like to call it. 


Why create “utility content” in the first place? 



Find out in our next blog about content uses…