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Breaking the mold of content marketing

Evaluating Your Company’s Content Style

Over the last few years, "Content Marketing" has been used interchangeably with "Product Marketing" in companies large and small. As your company compiles ideas for the upcoming content, is it focused on your products or your core values?


Brand marketing emerged when companies saw that product-first marketing limited the reach of their engagement. The goal was to increase awareness of the company as a whole, not the product that is out today. Companies moved full steam ahead into the market with better stories, campaigns, commercials, and core values. 


By nature of the business, Content Marketing resurfaced and new brand strategies were developed. 


What is Content Marketing?


Today, the problem in marketing departments across the world is that the definitions of Product Marketing and Content Marketing have merged. Content is bombarding the digital space; many pieces of which are shameless self-promotions of a company or a product. Content Marketing is about educating your readers with information that will markedly affect them. Whether it is an article from a Travel firm about How to Travel with Toddlers or an infographic from a jewelry designer about How to Plan a Wedding Yourself, the content should solve a problem. Content allows your company to engage a potential customer with content that will make a difference in their world today or weeks from now; so the beautiful relationship between your customer and your company begins.


While product marketing is essential to boost sales, it isn't the long-term solution to growing your customer base. We read a great article at the Content Marketing Institute about the value of moving your strategy from product-first marketing to content marketing. To educate your readers and turn them into customers, you need to have a content strategy that doesn't revolve around promoting your company in every article. Focus on building the relationship.


Why Content Isn't About You


We've been on both sides and worked with many companies suffering content marketing-itis. Let us know what struggles you've seen in the world of content marketing!