No More Content Selfies

Press releases, product descriptions, more and more press about your brand and your products. These are the content pieces we in the biz like to call “Content Selfies” and there are more showing up everyday.

If your brand isn’t exploring the endless opportunities of User Generated Content (UGC) or trend-focused original content, you’re missing the mark on content marketing.

Let’s talk about the real content you should be flooding the digital space with today.

  • Curated Content
  • Editorial Blogs
  • User Generated Content
  • Whitepages
  • Podcasts
  • Partner-sponsored articles

These assets are valuable additions to your overall marketing strategy and content marketing plan. What’s the point of content marketing, then, if you can’t just write about the great products and services you offer to the world-at-large?

It all sums up to one key purpose: positioning your brand as a thought leader in the digital space.

The easiest way for your company to build brand integrity with their customers and potential partners is to provide them with valuable content to read, absorb and share.

A “selfie” every now and then is okay. Afterall, we love to see your brand.