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Save Time, Repurpose Content

Too often, we content marketers are worried about the next big new idea. We sit and wait (or waste time searching) for inspiration of this big new idea. 


The old saying "don't reinvent the wheel" applies to all of you struggling content marketers. It may be hard work but recycling and repurposing your old content can be a huge driver in your new strategy. This repurposing of content has been in the content marketing conversation for awhile but today, there is a name for the act: atomization.


Which content should you repurpose?


CMI bloggers talked about atomization of content this week. If you don't already know the term, let's talk about it now.

Atomize:  to reduce to minute particles or to a fine spray


Forget about the nuclear explosion connotations of the term and think about how you can take one item and break it down into groups of smaller items. 


Like you have read in content marketing blogs (like ours) for the last few years, repurposing your best content saves time and resources. There is ROI within content marketing, and you have to do the legwork to find which pieces of content have the greatest potential for engagement in a broader audience.


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So, how do you atomize content marketing?

  1. Take a blog you published within the last year that has great traffic results. 
  2. Find all of the channels you didn't publish the blog to and develop a strategy around sharing it with every available social channel that drives revenue for your company.
  3. Create 4 small blogs that can complement the article topic. If you wrote about a broad topic, break the details or arguments down into single shorter blog pieces. 
  4. Design a creative graphic that tells the story in a visual way.
  5. Get Creative! Find other ways you can take this one blog and create a new asset in a new medium.


Remember, tracking the engagement of content is the only way you can atomize content. The truth is in the numbers.


Happy recycling!