Why Content Closes Deals

Everyone in sales is talking about the buyer's journey.

Everyone in marketing is talking about content.

But is each group talking about how their conversations can help the other group?

At the end of the day, content can close deals more than cold-calling.

Want to stop cold-calling?

The buyer's journey has changed. More research happens online before your company captures the lead. Prospects and even current customers want to feel understood and appreciated during the buyer's journey. Research shows that personalized interaction with prospects closes more deals than boilerplate messages.


So before you dial, download some great content to share with a prospect.


Identifying the prospect's pain points is easiest through content. One useful tool to track this content engagement is through call-to-action monitoring. Using call-to-actions will help you analyze where this prospect is in the buyer's journey and the goals they are trying to achieve by researching your product/solution.

Today, many companies suffer from the Silo Disorder. 

Silo Disorder: Companies with fragmented departments. Departments have little to no communication or collaboration on projects. 

Marketing departments create great content for the brand but how does that content help the sales team? The sales team in many companies send no content or self-crafted content, and all to no avail. If your two most powerful departments could come together and create content for the buyer's journey, inbound and outbound strategies would benefit.

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