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Are you looking for more direct ways to communicate with your customers?

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Chat Widgets

With one line of Javascript, you can add a chat widget to every page on your site. Your site visitors can ask a question and it will be queued to the first free expert in your company. You can start the chat in text mode, and add an audio or video path to the session if you need to improve the level of communication.

Chat widgets allow your site experts to browse the site with your visitors, if the nature of the question is about the web site. Your visitors don't need to download and install any software—it's all in that one line of Javascript.

Chat Buttons or Links

If you prefer, your site visitors can start a chat session by using a button or link. A click opens a new tab on the visitors browser, and your expert will have your visitor's full attention. Buttons and links allow multiple chat buttons per page, in the case that you want to route chats about different products or services to different pools of experts.

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video call centre

Call Centers and Routing

Omnistream scales beautifully, so you can run a call center with hundreds of experts. In large systems, you can group your staff into pools of expertise. When someone clicks to chat, the call is routed directly to the staff member most able to help your customer.

Asset Libraries

You can preload libraries of images, videos, and documents that your staff can use to help explain your products or services to site visitors. Presentation tools allow experts to point at, mark up, and annotate what your customers see.

omnistream console asset palette

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